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5 Things You Need to Know About WhatsApp for Business

5 Things You Need to Know About WhatsApp for Business

Rajat Kabade

WhatsApp is testing its long-awaited Business profiles feature. The most popular communication service is extending its reach to help businesses get in touch with right customers with WhatsApp for Business.

The massive user base of WhatsApp will help businesses attract potential customers. The pilot program is in the testing phase and will be rolled out to the public soon. The Facebook-owned company is innovating how businesses communicate with you. The feature is limited to only verified business accounts. We have listed 5 things that you need to know about WhatsApp for Business.

1. Verified account

WhatsApp for Business is available with a limited access to only verified accounts. Business owners need to verify their business in order to be eligible for using the service. The company has made the verification process mandatory for two major reasons. First is, of course, security. WhatsApp wants only legitimate businesses to become part of the ecosystem. A layer of verification will help the company in signing up only legitimate businesses on the platform. The second reason is that the businesses around the world want to have an official presence. A verified profile will help WhatsApp users to identify a business from another person, making it easier for people to respond to messages.

2. Green Badge

Once the account is verified, a green badge with white tick-mark will appear in front of the contact’s name. The green badge will ensure that the account belongs to a verified business. The badge looks similar to verified blue tick on Facebook and Instagram. The major help of the badge is helping users differentiate between the business account and individual user.

3. Yellow Messages

Users will receive the communication from business accounts in a yellow text. This is another step to help users differentiate the messages. Message sent by businesses cannot be deleted. The provision to keep the message is to ensure the importance of messages inside a chat.

4. Contact Appearance

If the phone number of the verified business account is already saved in your phone, it will appear same as you saved it. If the business contact is not saved on your device, the name will appear same as the business has chosen for the account.

5. Enterprise Solution

One of the important verticals that WhatsApp is trying to tap into with WhatsApp for Business is medium-to-large enterprises. The communications platform is trying to help companies and enterprises to get in touch with their potential audience at a large scale. Large business like airlines will be able to provide customers with useful notifications like flight times, ticket confirmation and much more.

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