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Google automatically ‘deletes’ your Android backup after two months

Google automatically ‘deletes’ your Android backup after two months

NEW DELHI: We all know that Google Drive plays a very crucial role when it comes to backing up all the data on our Android devices. At the time of switching an Android device, most users usually use the Drive to store all their data such as contacts, photos, messages and more. However, a report claims that Google automatically deletes the Android backup if it is left unused or inactive for a period of two months.

The report in Android Police quotes a Reddit user called Tanglebrook for the same. Tanglebrook reportedly lost his backedup data saved in his Nexus 6P.

Google is said to have deleted his entire backup which included data from 50 Android apps, Wi-Fi passwords and Android settings. Once the data is deleted, there is also no option to recover it. The report further adds that even after having a paid subscription of 100GB, he did not get the option to restore his lost data.

It is already known that Google does not alert users before deleting the backup. The Search giant starts the expiration date countdown after the Android device is left unused for two weeks.

Earlier this week, Google launched a new feature for general users that will let them access files saved on Google Drive in an easier manner. The search giant has rolled out its Drive File Stream (unveiled in March) for all its users. This will be replacing the Google Drive folder that was being used by majority of users until now.

The Google Drive Stream won’t take the space on the hard disk like Google Drive did.

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